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On Tuesday, the sports world was delivered quite a shock when the PGA Tour and LIV Golf suddenly announced a merger between the two leagues.

The move came after months of PGA Tour leaders and golfers blasting LIV Golf for their relationship with the Saudis, given the government’s human rights violations and ties to terrorist groups. And now, one United States Senator is blasting the PGA Tour for the blatant hypocrisy.

On Tuesday, Sen. Chris Murphy – a Democrat representing the state of Connecticut – called out the PGA Tour for pretending that their quarrel with LIV Golf had anything to do with human rights concerns.

“So weird. PGA officials were in my office just months ago talking about how the Saudis’ human rights record should disqualify them from having a stake in a major American sport,” Murphy said on Twitter on Tuesday morning. “I guess maybe their concerns weren’t really about human rights?”

That sentiment was felt across the aisle, too. Rep. Chip Roy – a Republican representing the state of Texas – pointed out that the move was quite clearly about one thing: money.

“In the end, it’s always about the money. Saudi Arabia just bought themselves a one-world golf government,” Roy said in a tweet.

It’s safe to say this isn’t a popular move from the two golf leagues.

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