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PGA Tour star Scottie Scheffler has found himself at the center of controversy as of late following his arrest before Round 2 of the PGA Championship earlier this month. But luckily, it looks like Scheffler is going to be able to put this nasty situation behind him without facing any charges for the incident.

Following his arrest, Scheffler faced one felony count of assault of a police officer, in addition to three other misdemeanor charges after being pulled out of his car by an officer.

The entire situation then became a bit controversial when it was revealed that the officers on the scene during the time of Scheffler’s arrest did not have their mandatory body cameras at the time. So naturally, there have been plenty of questions as to what really went down.

It now turns out that the case from the Louisville Metro Police Department against Scheffler wasn’t exactly a strong one.

On Wednesday afternoon, Jefferson County prosecutors filed a motion in court Wednesday afternoon to dismiss the case against Scheffler. A judge granted the motion without issue, meaning that this situation is fully behind Scheffler as he will no longer face any more charges in this case.

Ultimately, according to TMZ, it was determined by the prosecutors in the case that Scheffler’s story of this entire situation being a huge misunderstanding was actually corroborated by the evidence they had collected.

Given everything that went down, there is obviously an argument that Scheffler could have even pursued legal action of his own against the Louisville Metro Police Department for how the situation was handled. But instead, Scheffler agreed that he would not pursue legal action, as he is looking to fully put this situation behind him.

Now, Scheffler can solely focus on golf as he looks to continue his impressive stretch of play. It remains to be seen when Scheffler will take the course next, as he is not in the field for the RBC Canadian Open this week on the PGA Tour.


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