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Last month, 14-year-old middle school football player Cain Lee passed away as a result of a brain injury he sustained during a football game, and a celebration of life was held to remember his legacy this week.

According to a report from the Houston Chronicle, Cain Lee suffered a head injury during a game in the Southwest Football League on Oct. 11. He spent three weeks in a coma before ultimately passing away from his injury on Oct. 30.

At the celebration of life at Friendswood Methodist Church in Friendswood this week, several people told stories about what kind of person Cain was.

“We were in Wellington living for a short period, and Cain was a friend to everyone,” his father Cody Lee said. “I noticed a young man wearing a sweater and I don’t know all the kids’ clothes. I probably don’t even know all my clothes. And I said, ‘He’s got a sweater like you.’ He said, ‘Well, he didn’t have anything nice, Dad. So I’ve been sneaking clothes from home to give him my clothes so he wouldn’t be embarrassed when he was in school.'”

“Never would you hear about Cain telling you about anything he did,” baseball coach Darrin Forse said. “It was always about what somebody else did. That was the person he was. It was never about his accomplishments. It was about somebody else’s accomplishments.”

It’s a heartbreaking loss and a tragic situation, but it’s clear that his memory will not soon be forgotten.

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