Playing as Chewie and shooting down Rebel Scum? Why the hell not?!

It’s always sad to find out about awesome ideas for movies, music, and gaming that never get made. From albums that couldn’t make the cut to concepts based on your favorite franchises that fell apart for one reason or another, it’s a shame to know that the things we crave more of could’ve had just that. At the same time, though, it’s highly fascinating to know just what it was and how good or bad it might’ve been.

Enter DidYouKnowGaming?, the Youtube channel dedicated to cramming as many factoids and interesting details into 20 minutes or less of your time about all things gaming. Their newest video, part of their Unseen 64 series, details the tragic loss of Star Wars games that once had potential to grace your favorite consoles. This included a Chewbacca-focused action title (!!) and a version of Rogue Squadron that would follow the Empire in an alternately-successful campaign against the Rebel Alliance (!!!).

giphy (37)


We’ll leave you to watch the video for the majority of the details, but it’s pretty fascinating to hear about some of the ideas developers at Factor Five and Lucas Arts were looking into, including expanding the storyline of one of the greatest furry sidekicks of all time.

Star Wars_Chewbacca

Will we ever get to these ideas come to life? It’s extremely doubtful, as many things about the Star Wars franchise have changed in the last decade, both in story and ownership details. Still, here’s hoping this might have some kind of influence on future developments.

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