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A couple of weeks ago, the Cosby Sweaters team was contacted by our friends at Yardbarker with an offer that was hard to refuse. The conversation went something like this:

YB:         Yo, Cosby Sweaters, how it do?

CS:          Why are you talking like that?

YB:         Word.  We have an opportunity for you.

CS:          And…

YB:         Sony has a PSP bundle that comes with Madden 12 and Need For Speed: Shift.  They’d like to show off the mobility by having someone interview All-Pro 49ers tight end Vernon Davis and play Madden against him.  Are you interested?

CS:          Only if we can do it with our shirts off.

And so it came to pass that, yours truly, was sent to the Bay Area to interview and dominate Mr. Davis in a game of Madden.

It was a Monday in September, and like many Mondays in September before this one, I was venturing out of Los Angeles to interview a NFL player who was a long-time Cosby Sweater staff favorite.  What to wear?  I had no idea what they were expecting so I packed everything I thought might be necessary – my Elway jersey (classic orange), a t-shirt that read “Big John’s Saloon and Casino” (subtitle: “Get Lucky Here”), a short-sleeved plaid orange shirt (which I wore) and, of course, a Cosby Sweater.

I landed at SFO around 8:30 AM and was met by another CS staffer, my handler for the day and we immediately did work:

Hug. Drive. Home.  Apple Store. Charger. New Friend. Business.  Ribs.  Smile.  Tour.  Palo Alto.  CVS.  Home.  Beautiful wife.  Lovely children.  Car.  School.  Fetch lovely child.  Newest Panda Express in Palo Alto.  My two item combo.  His two item combo.  Plus another item.  Plus wontons.  Nom. Home. Drive. Starbucks.

We walked into Starbucks and met the crew.  Johnson had to run out shortly thereafter so, after securing a delicious coffee beverage for his sanitly wife (at my suggestion, of course), he was on his way.

The crew and I discussed strategy and made bets on what VD would be wearing before we made our way to (undisclosed location).  I knocked on his door and it was on.  Enjoy the interview.