Apple’s little girl, Siri, is starting to show her lecherous ways.  It seems that a group of hackers (or “enthusiasts”, as I prefer to call them) has figured out a way to break up Siri’s monogamous relationship wth the iPhone 4Gs and get her into bed with the iPhone 4 and the iPod Touch 4G.

Ireland-based hacker Steve Troughton-Smith and his San Francisco-based comrade Grant Paul over the weekend claimed they got Apple’s voice-enabled digital assistant functioning properly on an iPhone 4.

At first only the GUI could be loaded, as the real horsepower of Siri comes from the Apple servers themselves.  The problem is that the authentication token is unique to each device, and the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G simply don’t have that token available.  What these guys did was take the authentication token from a jailbroken iPhone 4s and load it onto the earlier devices, hereby enabling Siri.  Don’t believe it?  Watch this video of Siri running seamlessly on an iPod Touch 4G:

If you’re fairly computer literate you can install the GUI only on your 4 or 4G devices. Remember that this won’t enable the little trollop – it will only show you the user interface. The installation, like mercy, is not for the weak so I’m not going to post the instructions here. You all know how to use Google so you can find it if you like. I was able to both jailbreak and install the Siri GUI onto my iPod Touch 4G in about an hour today.

When they release the master hack that enables it I’ll update this post but, for now, if you want a little something to do this afternoon give this a shot.