Let’s celebrate the good parts of the internet, and not the crappy.

The internet is a strange beast. At times, it’s a wonderful place where you can find anything and everything to brighten your day. From puppies to boxscores to men dancing in banana suits, the internet’s got a little something for everyone.

Other times, however, the web can lash out, biting and snarling without warning. Such appears to be the case with a miss Bryana Holly, former girlfriend of 5 Seconds of Summer drummer Ashton Irwin. The two apparently broke up recently, which had some affect on the drummer, according to The Inquisitr. That, however, is not where the story ends.

Apparently, someone has decided to hack Miss Holly’s life on the internet. We’re not going to go into the details- it’s not ours to expose, and the less it is talked about, the faster it can go away. Instead, we just want to appreciate the beauty of Bryana herself. Hit the deck below to check our favorite photos from her Instagram.


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