It’s good to be wrestling’s sneaker-loving prince.

Whether you’re a fan of professional wrestling or not, you have probably heard of or seen Shane McMahon at least once. Along with being the son of WWE’s crazy CEO, Vince McMahon, he’s also been a huge part of developing media throughout the world, especially in China. You would probably know him, though, as the guy who jumped off the thing and fell a few stories onto the other thing.

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What you probably don’t know is that Shane loves him some sneakers, and recently hooked up with the guys at Complex to shop at the Flight Club in New York City, full of rare kicks. He’s like – as the man himself said – “a kid in a candy store,” and it’s pretty fascinating to listen to his of sneakers both past and present.

Shane McMahon shoes


He talks a bit here and there on WWE and family, and it’s fun to hear some of his thoughts on WWE sneaker aficionados and how much better he is. His total spree for the day? Just $900, though it could’ve been a bit heavier if he had picked up the Eminem Nikes that run for a measly $30,000.

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