War Dogs came out this week and it was as good as advertised. I saw it Sunday night and was pretty much on the edge of my seat. Miles Teller and Jonah Hill killed their roles and the movie was both funny and dramatic. If you haven’t seen a preview, the movie is a true story about two high school best friends who became international gun dealers before the age of 30. Yes, it’s a true story.

I’m a huge Jonah Hill guy and I can’t see why anybody wouldn’t. He is one of the funniest actors in Hollywood and has been nominated for two Oscars for his work in The Wolf of Wall Street and Moneyball.  The Jump Street movies are hilarious and Superbad is worth watching once a month for the next five years.

If you haven’t yet, make sure you go see War Dogs in theaters. It will be well worth your time and will be a better watch than the poor rated Suicide Squad or Seth Rogen’s Sausage Party.

To get you excited for another Jonah Hill role, here are some of his best movies: