Yeah, this one is probably just a little better.

2016 is a year full of comic book movies, some good, some bad, and some leaving you asking a lot of questions your middle school bully would kick your ass for. One of the more confusing and questionable, though, had to be X-Men: Apocalypse, the flashy “end” to the mutant franchise featuring crazy stunts and Olivia Munn with very little clothing on.

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The world seems a tad split on just how good this movie was, as the score at Rotten Tomatoes will tell you, but some people out there like think they can (jokingly) do it better. Enter How It Should Have Ended, the Youtube channel that likes to tear down a movie only to build it back up with hilarious results.

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One of the best things about the video has to be the questions of the logic behind the movie (slight spoilers – you’ve been warned): why does Apocalypse use only four? Why those mutants? Can we get more Olivia Munn in very little clothing? And so forth.

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