At Cosby Sweaters we know you  rely on us for the latest sports, technology and entertainment news, and we appreciate being able to provide it.  But just letting you know what’s going on in the world isn’t enough, we want give something back by helping you make your way through the world when you may not have time to do all your own research.  That is why we’ve started a new feature called “Today’s Best” in which we will help you answer life’s questions one at a time to make your life a little easier.

We thought we would start where it all starts: food.  Extensive research proves that if you don’t eat food you will eventually die.  But in today’s busy world no one has time to eat all the food they want so you have to prioritize.  But what should you put primary focus on when you have so many meals to choose from?  As with anything you should focus your time and money on the best meal there is:  Breakfast.



That’s right, breakfast is the best meal.

Realistically, there is something for everyone at breakfast.  You like sweet stuff, enjoy a pastry or some cocoa puffs.  If you prefer something a bit more hearty there’s pancakes or oatmeal.  If you’re a health nut you can look into an egg white omelet or some fresh fruit.   For the traditionalist, scrambled eggs and toast.  Bagel and cream cheese, eggs benedict, Belgian waffles, granola, the possibilities are endless.

Bottom line, when you first moved out of your parent’s house what did you buy to eat?  Cereal, a breakfast food.  When you hear a story about a one night stand how do you make it classy?  You just add “he cooked me breakfast,” to the end.

Not sold?  Let’s look at the other options:

Lunch – There’s nothing “wrong” with lunch but it’s no breakfast.  At lunch time you’re basically thinking “what’s the easiest thing I can get that’s not too heavy, but fills me up, and I can eat with my hands.”  At breakfast you can go as light or as heavy as you want and really sit down to enjoy it.  At lunch you’re probably in the middle or something, there’s people all around, and you’re juts rushing to get it done.  The morning is a quiet time and no one will ever think twice if you take a little longer with breakfast or ask everyone to shut up because you just woke up.

Dinner – You’ll never see a restaurant with a “dinner served all day” sign in the window.  And why would you, no one wants dinner in the morning.  But everyone enjoys pancakes or waffles for dinner once in a while.  Dinner can hardly claim superiority over breakfast when people routinely go to restaurants explicitly because they serve breakfast food at night.


Brunch – Nice try, this is really just a late breakfast that allows you time to be hung over before you get started.  No one goes to brunch and order a sandwich, that would be lunch.  You go to brunch because you want an excuse to eat breakfast after 10am.  The fact brunch was created to allow a second shot at breakfast basically proves breakfast is the best meal.

No one is saying you shouldn’t eat other meals.  What we are saying is that if you can only have one meal in a day make it breakfast.

You’re welcome.