Rich Eisen is a true professional. The NFL Network personality is one of the best in the business and reliably carries himself as well as anyone, and certainly much better than a slew of other so-called expert football minds babbling nonsense every week.

However, like everyone in the business, he slips up and occasionally flubs an interview, forgets a detail or botches a player’s name, as was the case during his radio show on Monday. During a brief segment on the overblown Robert Griffin III political affiliation non-story, Eisen shared his professional experience in getting to know athletes as much as possible in “figuratively ripping the facemask off” and how he takes great pride in his job.

Unfortunately his excellent segment included a small, but ironic and humorous, mistake. In referencing two off-the-field incidents from the holiday weekend, Eisen annihilated Andrew Quarless’ name: