Chris Brown — R&B star, domestic abuser — has a concert in Stockholm on November 19th, and an anonymous faction of Swedes aren’t too thrilled about it. A guerrilla marketing campaign has sprung up around the capitol city, featuring posters “promoting” the concert. However, images of the smiley faced R&B star are replaced by the infamous post-assault portrait of Rihanna.

Sweden’s official Twitter account — a different citizen runs it every week, that’s pretty cool — blasted out the posters, along with the message: “In Stockholm people are showing their dislike that Chris Brown is coming to town by posting these posters.” Also, a very vocal group of Swedes are also urging promoters to cancel the concert.

The good news for Chris Brown though is that once he starts dancing and crying on stage, he’ll probably sway a few of his Scandanavian haters back to his side. I mean, it worked on Americans, right?

via Gawker