Norway’s Petter Kverneng, a 20 year old super genius it seems, has used Facebook to move out of the friend zone and into the other zone that begins with the letter “f”. It all started with a conversation between Petter and his 19 year old female friend Cathrine Johansen. They have been friends since high school and poor Petter was firmly entrenched in the friend zone. There had never been discussion of anything sexual between them and, quite frankly, the thought never crossed their minds. Okay, well, I’m sure it crossed HIS mind but if it did he kept it to himself.

On Thursday (yesterday) the two friends were discussing a story about some kids who had gotten one million Facebook likes in order to convince their father to buy them a dog. They started talking about all of the crazy bets they could make which centered around hitting the million like mark and, naturally, sex entered into the conversation.

Minutes later, the two created the picture seen above and posted it on Facebook, the pact being that Cathrine would put out for Petter if he hit the million mark. They went to bed (separately) and really thought nothing more about it.

It took all of 18 hours for Petter to reach the 1,000,000 like mark. When Petter spoke to local press when the “likes” were around the 500,000 mark he had this to say:

“It began as a joke, but now we’ll take it seriously,” he said. “We must of course keep what we promise.”

Cathrine, however, seemed a bit more reserved at that time.

“We need to see if it reaches 1 million,” she said in response.

It didn’t take long. Thank you, internet! Here’s hoping you crazy kids can work it all out.

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