DMX-and-Steve-Wozniak-GIF-From-Veronica-de-SouzaFew things make me happier than a failed and confused cross-cultural handshake/fistbump caught on camera. Sadly, Earl Simmons and Steve Wozniak let me down. Look at that dap!! DMX took the initiative, but the iWoz let fly a quick jab that connected soundly, not missing a beat. The growling gangster rapper met the tech icon in the LAX terminal and according to DMX, they are already planning a robbery. Oh, Earl.

Even though TMZ had to capture this footage, the world is a better place with this film existing. Personally, I am a fan of documenting any and (nearly) every DMX interaction – he resides in my pantheon of most fascinating/surprisingly insightful/bat-shit-crazy people club (founded by Mike Tyson). His BET show was tremendous. I will never hear Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer the same after his remix. He asked, “what the *bark* is a Google?”

For the full video of their time together, check out Mashable [I swear that’s where I found it].

And let’s all take a moment to thank the internet deities for bestowing this moment upon us.