Few legit HipHop crews have created the kind of heat that drove the Icy Hot Stuntaz to become an all time classic Internet meme.  These guys were dripping with swagger and managed to achieve serious recognition without today’s benefit of being able to whore themselves out via social media.  They were clearly pioneers in their field.

But a fire that burns as white-hot as the Stuntaz can only last for so long.  Creative differences tore the group apart and B-Shoc, Freeze, and Blade went their separate ways.

Where are they today?

B Shoc formed his own label, Flip Flop Entertainment.  He’s using his God given abilities to “challenge this generation to live a Christ-like life.”  He’s teaching fans how  to do the “Jesus Lean,” but also warns of Hell, “somewhere you really don’t wanna go.”  You can check out more of his music on his official website.

The road for Icy Hot Stuntaz member Freeze hasn’t been paved with platinum.  Upset over the Stuntaz split, he took his beef to his website where he provides updates and some insight into what went wrong.

I did sum research, practiced my rhymez, and came up with some of tha phattest beats the world eva saw.  But Da Flame and Blade weren’t havin non of it.  They sayz i wuzn’t takin it serious, and so on.  Bastards told me that I wuz no good, worst thug they eva seen.  But they used my songz, and got a crappy replacement… now you see how big they are!  Shizzle my nizzle man those guys got huge off my work!  And now It’s time for you all to know the truth!  SPREAD THE WORD YA’LL the truth!  SPREAD THE WORD YA’LL

It’s not entirely clear what happened to the third member known as Blade, but there are rumors he traded his Mitsubishi Eclipse in for a hybrid, citing “global warming and shit” as motivation for the change.