Cincinnati Bengals player Chad Ochocinco launched his own cereal earlier this month, which we at Cosby Sweaters were looking very much forward to.   But when a family dialed the 800 number printed on the box to reach the Feed The Children charity the athlete endorsed, they got a special surprise…

 Albums I214 Hoboknj Ochocincos“Tara Sand and her family, including her 9-year-old daughter, called 1-800-HELP-FTC on speakerphone.”You do have to admit it is kind of funny. When we dialed it for the second time, I sat there and thought ‘are you kidding me?’ Nobody has found this yet?” said Sand.

Ochocinco helped launch the cereal on September 7. He autographed boxes for fans at the Kroger Store in Newport, Ky.

As of Thursday morning, the boxes were pulled from the shelves at Kroger grocery stores.