Nike Golf dropped a new commercial today to market their latest driver – the Nike VR_S Covert. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Nike Golf commercial without their marquee athlete Tiger Woods.

The commercial depicts a bunch of average guys hitting their tee shots further than they ever have because of the Nike VR_S Covert driver. They continually hit it into the groups ahead of them and yell “sorry,” but they really aren’t sorry at all. That is until one of them drives the green that Tiger Woods is putting on.

Described as the world’s first “high-speed cavity back driver” on Nike Insider, it is Nike’s most innovative club to date. The design produces a longer, more accurate drive. The weight of the club rests within the heel and toe, giving more forgiveness on balls that aren’t hit perfectly off the tee. It also boasts a 45% larger ‘hot zone,’ which creates more speed at impact.

Here’s a more in depth look at the Nike VR_S Covert driver.