Ah, Tony Starks, the billionaire playboy, genius engineer turned Superhero is BACK.


Iron Man 3 is bound to be Marvel’s money maker. The franchise is huge, the buildup has been solid, and the delivery was golden.  The 3rd installment of Iron Man brings us Tony Stark in all his quirky, witty, inappropriate glory.

Tony Stark is still incredibly wealthy, lives a life of luxury and now spends days upon days tinkering away at his projects, creating dozens of Iron Man prototypes with the most cutting edge technology you can imagine. The script is quick and sharp. Ironman 1 and 2 were entertaining, for sure they had their token comedic moments, but Iron Man 3 was full blown funny. Scene to scene, legitimate make-you-laugh moments. Surprising and I’ll take it.

Robert Downey Jr. is more than comfortable in this Iron Man role. He dishes out insults and burns, one-liners and jabs. One second he’s testing out his glitchy suits, accidently putting his loved ones at risk and the next he’s zipping through the sky saving a bakers dozen of innocent people plummeting from the sky to their imminent death.  It’s a rollercoaster of a role for RBJ and one that is extremely entertaining. They do a great job, this time around, making him look vulnerable. He suffers bouts of anxiety here and there, and his inventions backfire to take on lives of their own, but it makes the movie-and his character-all the more loveable.

iron man 4

The plot of Iron Man 3 puts Stark up against a newfound enemy, Aldrich Killian, who is taking over innocent people’s brains and turning them into weapons…naturally. These freaks of nature can dominate even the Iron Man and his cohorts, thus ensues Stark’s quest to hunt them down and bring ‘em to justice. Sir Ben Kinglsey gets the spotlight in this movie as a bearded terrorist known as the Mandarin who has been wreaking havoc with several inexplicable bombings. His character is golden, and will definitely surprise you.

“Iron Man 3” gets down to business with a solid story building on the Avengers storyline of last summers while also focusing on Tony’s attempt to redevelop himself and fight crime. He does so in a way that is both bad ass and heart warming, due to his fragile, less-than-perfect state.

Unlike Iron Man 2, they don’t dwell on Tony’s love life and his health isn’t ailing, leaving more time for humor and action. Score.

Do keep your eye out for the abundance of product placement. Seems the number of product placements alone could have covered serious costs for the already solid cash cow, from Oracle, Sun, Audi, Alcatel and FiOS…products, products, everywhere.

I cannot neglect to comment on Gwyneth Paltrow’s insanely ripped body, having recently been named The World’s Most Beautiful Woman by People Magazine, she showed off her abs every chance she got.

Iron Man 3 is a witty, charismatic film, insanely entertaining and it WILL make you laugh. It’s great addition to the Marvel family and definitely worth seeing, in theaters AND in 3D. Boom.

In Theaters Friday, May 3rd, see where its playing near you HERE