Cosby Sweaters showed up to check out the scene at a local GameStop to see what all the C.O.D. fuss was about.  Obviously, all members of CS already have their copies and you can stay tuned for a full review of the game tmmrw night.  In the meantime enjoy a few pics from tonight’s launch.

A few details from the launch; “I think were going to have a very good launch,” says Bob McKenzie of GameStop, where presales are outpacing that of Warfare. Monday night, GameStop had its largest midnight launch event ever with 4,400 stores open to sell Black Ops; more than 700 Best Buy stores were open as well, showing the game on 3-D TVs.

Activision is gunning for the single-day record for any entertainment medium: $401 million in sales (4.7 million copies) which was help by none other than Modern Warfare 2 on Nov. 10, 2009.

We are definitely looking forward to playing this one…  Stay tuned for the review.


GameStop CS

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