The so called “fans” of the World Series Champions have spoken.  They want, and need, Brian Wilson of the San Francisco Giants to host Saturday Night Live.

The “Brian Wilson should host SNL” page on Facebook has been created, and in just about a week’s time over 7,000 people have “liked” the page, with new adds every minute or so.  Cosby Sweaters doesn’t necessarily disagree with the notion of Brian Wilson hosting SNL; we just feel there are a few folks who should be hosting SNL first (we are not taking real timelines into account).  These are just suggestions, but we urge the folks at NBC to think about all the upside each would bring.

1) Helen Keller;  Imagine if Helen were still alive and hosted SNL… She has actually written up a little script via her Twitter account, check it out below.

Helen Keller Twitter

2) O.J. Simpson; Controversy + Famous Athlete + Possible Murderer = Massive Ratings


3) Mike Vick – Imagine how many great jokes he could drop in his Stand-up?  Because the show is filmed in NY, the booing would make this well worth watching.  This is one dogfight Vick can’t win which makes for great TV.

Mike Vick CS

4) Mel Gibson; If he gave his “freedom” speech, this would be huge.  What could go wrong with him hosting a show in New York?  RATINGS BONANZA!

Mel Gibson

5) R. Kelly; Instead of a stand up, Mr. Kelly could actually do a sit down pee on an actual toilet.  The audience would forgive him immediately, he would perform “Trapped in the Closet Part 54”, and Nielsen rating’s records would be broken.

R kelly CS