Kerri Strug is apparently bored of being an Olympic hero and has now decided to take her talents to the music studio. Check out the below video featuring America’s sweetheart learning what it takes to create a musical hit.

According to The NOC:

Kerri Strug stars in the premiere of The NOC’s new series, “Make Me Hot.” A cross-channel collaboration with YouTube musician and personality DeStorm Power, “Make Me Hot” follows DeStorm as hits the gym AND the studio with professional athletes. On DeStorm TV, the athlete will teach DeStorm the fiery tricks of their trade; on The NOC, DeStorm will return the favor by showing that same sports star how to light it up in the studio.

In this first episode, legendary Olympic gymnast Kerri Strug–celebrated for her hobbled vault performance in the ’96 Atlanta games–gives DeStorm a hands-on lesson in competitive gymnastics. In turn, DeStorm guides her through her first foray into the music biz, helping her lay down an inspirational, Olympic-themed track, “I Ain’t Never Give In.” The two step pretty far out of their comfort zones; DeStorm is all too aware that he barely fits on the balance beam, while Kerri is doubtful that her high-pitched voice will be selling out Madison Square Gardens anytime soon. Yet in the spirit of their song, they keep at it, helping each other succeed in ways they would have never expected.