They'll get you quickly!

You know how those crazy clubbers are.  They’re always looking for a cheap and easy way to get high that isn’t illegal.  To be fair, aren’t we all?

“Quickies” have recently been sweeping through Great Britain as the drug of choice for the clubbing scene.  These nail polish remover pads can be squeezed into a drink and, when consumed, have a very similar effect as ecstasy.

The catch?  It’ll kill you dead.  Until last month, Quickies Nail polish remover pads contained chemicals including the banned substance gammabutyrolactone or GBL.  It was classified as a class C drug in 2009 following a spate of related deaths.

Last year a 24-year-old man was admitted to the Royal Edinburgh Hospital suffering from  psychosis and acute renal failure after he took GBL from diluted ‘Quickies’ nail varnish removed pads.  Dr Indrani Bhattacharya said, “Physicians should be aware of the toxic sources of GBL leading to renal failure and consider GBL in those presenting with agitation, psychosis or coma.”

Party-goers have been squeezing the nail varnish pads into their drinks in their ongoing quest for instant hits.

One source told The Sun that the effects of the pads were well known on the clubbing scene.  “They can make you feel a little bit frisky, a little bit happy,” they said.  Oh, I’m sure they can!

GBL, which used to be widely used as paint stripper, has a similar mood-altering effect as ecstasy. However, it was nicknamed ‘coma in a bottle’ due to its potency.

Although the makers Jeyes have recently removed GBL from the ingredients list of Quickies, the old version of the product can still be found on shop shelves. It costs around £2 for 20 pads.  Bernard Daymon, Chief Executive of Jeyes, said, “Our product has always met or exceeded legal requirements.  However, we have listened to feedback and taken further steps to reduce to an absolute minimum any risk to health, even through serious, ongoing and determined abuse.”

Obviously, the Cosby Sweaters staff doesn’t condone anything that would harm our readers.  Consider this a public service announcement.  If you’re at the club and someone asks if you want a “quickie”, make sure they mean what you think they mean.

Via Daily Mail