This is why they invented iPhones, for Seinfeld Emojis.  The app is a creation from the guys behind the infamous Seinfeld2000 Twitter account. Earlier today the Seinfeld2000 Instagram posted a photo of the Emojis with the caption “COMING V SOON.” We need this app sooner than V SOON my friends!

The app comes with some great Seinfeld related Emojis like Jerry Jr., Junior Mints, Frogger, a Festivus Pole (obviously!), and of course the cast.  There are so many instances throughout my day where a Seinfeld Emoji is needed. Thanks to Seinfeld2000, now that is a possibility.

According to the Instagram account, this image only includes about 1/3 of the emojis that will be in the app. I can’t wait to send Bubble Boy Emojis to everyone.

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Update: Here are the rest of the emojis so you no longer have to “imagen…”

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 10.06.30 AM