FDA Cigarette Labels - I Quit

The FDA released nine new cigarette warning labels that cigarette manufactures will have to use starting beginning in the fall of 2012. The FDA’s warning labels exemplify the negative health effects of smoking tobacco.

The new cigarette warning labels imply that if you smoke you’ll have to get staples in your chest, have to breathe (smoke) out of your neck, you’ll need Crest Whitestrips, your lungs will look like olives, you’ll have to wear an airplane oxygen mask, you’ll make people cry, you’ll make cartoon babies, you’ll blow smoke in your child’s face, and skinheads will come after you.

The United States is definitely not the first country to implement such graphical anti-smoking campaigns. I’ve seen these type of anti-smoking messages all over the world, also imposed by their governments.

I don’t know about you but these new labels make me want to buy cigarettes, not to smoke but to collect all nine in the “collector’s” set. You can start purchasing them when they hit stores on September 22nd.