Arch Manning Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Longhorns young star quarterback Arch Manning was not originally expected to be included in the upcoming EA Sports College Football video game which releases next week. But it sounds like one major thing changed his mind: money.

On Tuesday, Arch Manning announced that he would indeed be included in the upcoming video game, and it sounds like EA Sports paid a pretty hefty sum of money for his name, image, and likeness. According to a report from college football insider Pete Nakos of On3, the quarterback received between $50,000 and $60,000 to be included in the game.

“It appears he’s ready to be in the game. For EA Sports, it’s a huge win getting one of the most notable names in the sport. The company is paying Manning between $50-$60,000 to promote the game, in addition to the $600 and copy of it he receives as part of the NIL deal facilitated by OneTeam,” On3 reported this week.

Obviously, this is some pretty insane money for a backup quarterback, and it led to a lot of conversation and controversy on social media.

Clearly, EA Sports really wanted to make sure that the young quarterback was included in the game, even if he is expected to be the backup this season.

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