Kanye West has been increasingly polarizing in recent weeks for outlandish and silly claims, ranging from his support for Donald Trump and MAGA but more unpopularly, suggesting “slavery was a choice,” while appearing on an episode of TMZ Live. 

One person who was unhappy with Kanye’s words was professional boxer Adrien Broner, who took to Instagram to dismiss Kanye’s words and suggest to the artist “shit gotta stop.”

“Kanye got me fucked up. Look: they gave us NBA YoungBoy back, then they gave us Meek back, they trying to take Bill Cosby, and now you gonna come, your oversized wearing clothes ass around the corner with this bullshit? Fuck wrong with you, man? Shit gotta stop, bro. You from Chicago. Fuck is you talking about?”

Agree or disagree with Broner’s words, he’s clearly hurt by what Kanye had to say.

It would be great if Kanye West opted to think before he spoke, but that’s not Kanye. Unfortunately, his evolution of thought went from narcism to just pure nonsense. It’s hurt a lot of people – Broner included.

Taking Broner’s advice and stopping his personal tour of fully destroying his image would do wonders for West. Will that happen? No. But, the more famous people like Broner speak out, the more clear of how problematic the rapper’s choice words were.


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