Jordan Love As Green Bay Packers offensive coordinator Adam Stenavich looks on, quarterback Jordan Love (10) throws a pass during organized team activities Wednesday, May 29, 2024 in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Josh Jacobs joined the Green Bay Packers this past offseason. The former Alabama standout had spent terrific years with the Las Vegas Raiders. But now Jacobs will play in the NFC for one of the league’s top franchises.

The new Packer running back has already acclimated to his new home. In a recent NFL Network interview, he said nothing but good things about the Packers. During that same interview, Jacobs praised quarterback Jordan Love.

“To me, just from what I’ve seen, he has all the traits and all the tools to be a superstar in this league,” said Jacobs via Jacobs went on to say that the future is very bright for the young quarterback.

“I think that as he keeps continuing to play and gets experience and becomes more confident in his abilities and what he can do, he’s going to be the next superstar in this league, for sure,” Jacobs predicted.

Love progressed well throughout last season, his first under center as a starter for Green Bay. Aaron Rodgers is entirely out of the picture, and it’s Love’s team now. With a talented group around him, including Jacobs, the Packers will surely be an intriguing team this year.


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