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The Dallas Cowboys are “all in” for the 2024 season… at least, that was the message after their 2023 campaign ended disastrously. The team hasn’t made good on their declaration, having had a pretty passive offseason. They’re also stumbling into a tumultuous situation with Micah Parsons, CeeDee Lamb, and Dak Prescott up for contract renewals within the next two years.

Trouble also arose recently for the quarterback Prescott. The celebrated Cowboys star is reportedly dealing with an ankle injury. However, Prescott emerged this week to talk down on the injury, claiming he’s doing just fine.

Prescott spoke at a youth football camp this week. According to ESPN, Prescott said at the camp of his status, “Honestly, I’m getting older. It’s the same ankle that I snapped, and I had a nasty surgery on four years ago so a couple of hard days of training and you know, you get a little sore, and you’re going on a fishing trip, and you want to protect it and make sure things don’t get worse.”

Prescott continued, saying via ESPN, “Literally, it’s absolutely nothing. People are reaching, trying to make things that they aren’t. I’m getting older and have to take care of my body, have to be smart. If I can take precautions and lessen something by putting on a boot, I’ll do it. Sorry that I caused such a worry.”

Prescott’s health sounds like it will be the least of everyone’s worries in Dallas. While other concerns are around, at least they won’t have to deal with more on this end.


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