If it was up to former Boston Red Sox pitcher Brad Penny, all members of the Boston Red Sox would visit President Donald Trump and the White House.

The retired starting pitcher spoke with TMZ Sports, telling them the Red Sox should “support the President whether you voted for him or not.” Penny continued, saying players “just gotta go,” and a “lot of people want Trump to fail and it’s unfortunate.”

Penny’s not the only person suggesting the Red Sox go.

Commissioner Rob Manfred made it clear he hopes players go and “respect” the office. Red Sox relief pitcher Heath Hembree was more direct in his support, saying “I f–k with Trump,” just over a month ago. However, manager Alex Cora isn’t a lock to go, as he called Trump’s insensitive tweets about Puerto Rico (where he’s from) “disrespectful.”

None of the Red Sox should be forced to go – regardless of political affiliation. It’s up to the players whether they want to visit Trump and the White House. Supporting the President is bigger than baseball for a lot of people involved in the sport. So, Penny’s “just gotta go” remarks hold little water.


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