Kentucky women’s guard Maci Morris, a junior from Pineville, Kentucky, made the internet go wild with a crossover dribble that will last forever in a rivalry game against Louisville.

Now that Louisville defender may have in fact slipped, or stepped on her own foot, or maybe was even tripped, as the comments to this video suggests. But those are some strong dribbles from Morris, which probably would have taken the defender out of the play even without the aid of a trip, slip or fall.

But Louisville ended up getting the last laugh, as they won the game in Lexington 83-67. The video also cuts off before we know if Morris finished the play with a basket.  But at least she’ll have this moment, where the internet freaked out over a great crossover dribble.

And as far as we can tell, the Louisville defender is also not injured, which is good. We say good dribbling is “ankle breaking”, but we never mean that literally.


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