Yesterday, Lions linebacker Stephen Tulloch wanted to celebrate a sack of Aaron Rodgers and did what only seemed right given the circumstances; he decided to mimic Rodgers’ famous “Discount Double-check” move from those State Farm ads that Rodgers has done for years now.

Of course, because there’s some sort of curse on the Lions that ensures that they can never have nice things, Tulloch injured himself on the “play.”

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Worst of all, Tulloch’s injury isn’t even minor. According to the Lions, Tulloch suffered a torn ACL when he dared to mock Rodgers’ imminently mockable signature commercial move.

The Lions confirmed that Tulloch tore his ACL yesterday while celebrating a sack, and would be placed on injured reserve.

As difficult a break as it was, Lions coach Jim Caldwell knows it’s hard to curb such celebrations.

“It’s not going to happen,” Caldwell said. “This is an emotional game. We want enthusiasm.”

Hopefully, Tulloch makes a smooth recovery, during which he can create his own sack celebration – one which won’t put his ACL in peril.

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