Record of the Year:

“Get Lucky” – Daft Punk

“Radioactive” – Imagine Dragons

“Royals” – Lorde

“Locked Out of Heaven” – Bruno Mars

“Blurred Lines” – Robin Thicke


Who should win:

Sully – Right off the bat its a tough decision.  Daft Punk has been playing since the early Summer and when it comes on you still want to listen to it, but on the other hand “Blurred Lines” is catchy as shit! I can honestly say that I am sick of “Royals” but Lorde did have a huuuuuge 2013 mainly from this one track.  I’m gonna give this one to Daft Punk for this disco party jam “Get Lucky.”

Michael – Get Lucky– Daft Punk– This infectiously funky and addictive track is what set the tone for Daft Punk to re-introduce themselves to their fans this past year. Initially seen by most music enthusiasts as a strictly electronic duo, Daft Punk showed in this introductory single that their refurbished sound was open to incorporating live instrumentation, along with the familiar seductive electronic base. With the production quality being attributed to both Nile Rodgers and Pharrell Williams, Get Lucky quickly became the feel-good track of the year. While Blurred Lines was without a doubt the most popular song of 2013, Get Lucky will resonate more feeling for those who look back on this musical calendar.


Who should be nominated:

Sully – “Supersoaker” – Kings of Leon I’m not a huge KOL fan but this is such a catchy rock song and not like the songs from their last two albums.

Michael – “Swimming Pools (Drank)”- Kendrick Lamar- Was there any track this past year that was more successfully executed and well received from both the mainstream and underground bases? I don’t believe there was.


Who will win:

Sully – “Blurred Lines” – Robin Thicke

Michael – “Blurred Lines” — Robin Thicke