Iowa State University played Texas Thursday night in a tight game that came down to a controversial goal line stand. ISU was holding onto a 30-24 lead with just over a minute to play, when Texas running back Johnathan Gray attempted to punch it in on 1st and Goal. An ISU defender ripped the ball from Gray’s hands, and took a few steps towards a game-clinching defensive touchdown before the refs whistled the play dead, signaling Gray was “down by contact” (I could have sworn players were just “down” in college football, regardless of “contact”). Anyway, because Texas is Texas, and ISU is ISU, the refs didn’t review it (or didn’t care to), so Texas got the ball back, and promptly scored, thus saving Mack Brown’s job for at least one more week.

After the hose job was complete, ISU coach Paul Rhodes addressed the media with a rant that appropriately summed up the situation:

As if that wasn’t bad enough, there was this play earlier in the game that didn’t go unnoticed. That is, by everyone but the officials. Good job, Big-12 refs. KUTGW. And you stay classy, Texas. latehit

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