Duke freshman Zion Williamson has been better than advertised so far in his young college career. The 18-year-old is already being pegged as the next basketball great to come from the upcoming draft, but if the sport didn’t work out, Williamson might have a future in football.

Check out this video of Williamson on the football field. The 6’7″, 285-pound small forward has an absolute cannon of an arm.

With an arm that good, Williamson could be a legit football prospect based on his natural ability alone. He did play football as a kid and was even offered a scholarship to play football at LSU to play tight end despite never playing the sport in high school.

Here’s how former LSU tight end coach Eric Mateos – who offered the Duke star a scholarship back in 2016 – described Williamson to ESPN.

“If he’s 285, you’re talking a rare specimen, Julius Peppers-type of freak,” Mateos said. “I used to think (Jadeveon) Clowney was the biggest freak I’d ever seen. Zion probably brings the same or better athleticism based off what I’ve seen.”

Williamson is a physical monster who’s athleticism is out of this world. Mateos was right to at least try to recruit him. He’s got a cannon. Imagine Williamson blocking and receiving in a live game? Good luck, opposing teams.

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