The Ohio State football team has been in the news recently. That is due to their own doing, but it doesn’t mean that it is all bad. Ohio State long snapper Liam McCullough tried to lighten the mood by continuing a training camp tradition.

Each year the Ohio State football team does a check-in at a local hotel. Many have fun with it, but McCullough takes it to another level. How does he do it you may wonder? He just uses a photo of himself and uses another photo of himself from the year before. It goes further and further back until his first year.

What makes it even better is that even after McCullough leaves the program, his brother, Roen, who is also a long snapper joining the Buckeyes will continue on the tradition.

If you’re wondering what happened to one of his past shirts, wide receiver Johnnie Dixon decided to wear a prior shirt.

College football traditions can be hard to decipher, but in this case, this is just some football players wanting to have harmless fun. How could you possibly not enjoy that?

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