It was announced today that Ohio State quarterback and former four-star recruit Joe Burrow will be transferring from the program. It comes after an intense quarterback competition this spring that looks like will come down to other top players Dwayne Haskins and Tate Martell. Considering that Joe Burrow has already graduated from Ohio State, he now has the ability to transfer and play immediately. The process he may soon undergo might be similar to his original recruitment.

According to’s Sean Callahan, LSU, Arizona State, Arkansas, and Wyoming have already shown interest. Not to mention multiple other schools and coaches that were involved in his original recruitment may pursue him again. That includes schools like Florida, Nebraska, Texas and Boston College.

Burrow hasn’t seen much important game time but given the competition that he put up at Ohio State, many are willing to take the chance. Given that he put up gaudy numbers in high school, it is easy to see why coaches are drooling at the possibility of seeing him in their team’s uniform. It is often that a player hits the market like this and the full-court press is going to be on. It is unlikely that Ohio State will grow to regret letting him leave, it will, however, be interesting to see if the Buckeyes block him from joining a certain program.

He will be able to succeed in a pro-style offense and a spread offense. The suitors will be endless. It isn’t ridiculous to say that 90% of the country might be better with him on their team. If you’re missing the drama of college football, this might be the next best entertainment for you this Summer. Buckle up.

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