Bradley Hardison is famous for winning a doughnut eating contest. That’s not exactly groundbreaking, but it changes when you consider the competition was police sponsored and helped said police find and arrest him for earlier crimes. He’s found himself running into the cops again, this time because he’s robbed a doughnut shop.

The 27-year-old from Elizabeth City, North Carolina (surprisingly not Florida) was charged last Thursday with felony breaking and entering, safecracking and larceny of a Dunkin Donuts back in November, according to the police there.

In 2014, he won the doughnut eating contest by eating eight glazed doughnuts in two minutes. The event was sponsored by Elizabeth City police for a National Night out Against Crime event. Elizabeth City police had been looking for him after a few break-ins in 2013, and winning the contest helped the cops find him, though one wonders how they didn’t notice him at the police-sponsored doughnut eating contest in the first place.

Hardison was convicted of the earlier crimes and had a suspended sentence of three years in jail, which ended in October. So he’s now heading back to prison in all likelihood for what made him ironically famous in the first place.

If we have any suggestions for Hardison in the future, remember that the police enjoy doughnuts to a stereotypically significant level.


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