If you’ve used Tinder, you may have accidentally swiped left on one or more girls for a litany of reasons, but the worst is doing it accidentally to someone you actually like. Usually, you’d forget that mistake and move on, but Hayden Moll did not do that. What he did is genuinely remarkable; the love story of the modern age.

He swiped left on a girl named Claudia at Missouri State. So, in his efforts to find out which Claudia he accidentally swiped left on, he emailed every single girl at Missouri State named Claudia. All of them. Missouri State has over 23,000 students, so it stands to reason that there would be a bunch of Claudia’s.

He emailed all of them with specific details of her tinder profile, and after sending emails to each and every one of them, and the one he was looking for found him. Claudia Alley then posted the details of a story in what in 99% of other cases might get you arrested, but in this case, gets you going viral on social media and websites like ours, and yeah, it’s substantially insane.

Hayden now has 1,404 twitter followers as of this writing, with only five tweets. If only all of us on social media could get that ratio, but then again none of us emailed every single girl with one name at a college of over 23,000 students because he accidentally swiped left on Tinder.

We don’t have any idea if the right Claudia swiped left or right, or if they actually are getting along at this point, but we’d hope so. It will make a cheesy teen rom-com at some point shortly if it does.

A love story perfectly which perfectly fits the modern age.


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