Yes, this headline is real, and we’re not making it up. Alton Towers, a major UK theme park, is creating a roller coaster based on the Nic Cage epic, The Wicker Man. They are doing it for reasons we don’t quite understand.

Of course, that version was not the original version of the story, but the original isn’t exactly a Pixar film. It’s quite amusing in fact that someone somewhere thought it would be a good idea to make a roller coaster based off of what was not supposed to be a fun story.

The picture advertising the coaster is probably 1000 times better than the coaster itself, mainly because the Stranger Things artist created it, but that’s about everything positive we have to say about this idea. At least the artist, Kyle Lambert, enjoyed making it, and you can read about that creative process here.

So while this idea seems stupid, we do get to reference this clip, which makes the entire post worth it. NOT THE BEES, NOT THE BEES!

[Arrow In The Head/Alton Towers]

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