The football field is all about tenacious moments. Guys are running into one another at high rates of speed for the pleasure of fans around the world. The game is also about the tender, human moments as well.

Calvin Ridley is a junior wide receiver for the University of Alabama, his brother, Riley, is a sophomore wide receiver for the University of Georgia. While one was dealing with heartbreak and the other with pure joy, they had an opportunity to talk after the game.

They even exchanged jerseys too.

Calvin, wearing Riley’s jersey, after the game talked about how his brother went absolutely off on Alabama but how they “had to take it from him.”

According to ESPN, the brothers hadn’t talked in any capacity in the week leading up to the big game.

You can say what you like about either team, but these two are competitors of the highest order. After the game though, they revealed that being brothers still wins out over team fealty. The only way this could have come out better would be if one of the players played cornerback.

We will likely have to settle for these brotherly rematches in the National Football League instead. Ridley is a sure-fire first rounder and leaving on a National Championship is a great way to go out.

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