Since everything now can be turned into a reality show competition and people will watch it, from cooking to singing and surviving on some backwater Pacific Island. And now, if you want to become the next star on Twitch, there’s a reality show for that too, because of course there is.

The show will be called Stream On (that title is making me wretch), and it will be an American Idol-style competition in which “contestants will face challenges designed to test important streamer skills, and be evaluated by a panel of Twitch judges”, so they say. What “competitions” could there be for Twitch, I wonder?

Contestants will be thankful that they can stream from their homes (insert cheesy basement joke here), and there will be audience participation too, just like all of those singing competitions. But the show isn’t exactly available for everyone. Only those in Twitch’s “partnership program”, and those of you based in the English speaking first world of the US, UK or Canada will be able to participate. Sorry, Australia, your timezones mean that no one will be awake to watch your best Twitchers play.

And your price for becoming the best Twitch streamer of them all? A $5,000 monthly stipend for 12 months, or $60,000. As Twitch is starting to produce more original programming themselves as opposed to just hosting people streaming Overwatch, stuff like this was bound to happen, as is their unique partnership with the NBA G-League, but an American Idol type reality show to become the best streamer there is?

Well, someone is bound to watch, right? If you’re interested, Stream On will debut in March.

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