We really shouldn’t be writing about OJ Simpson’s every move now that he’s out of prison, but to be honest, we know what pays the bills so here’s a picture of OJ at Costco on Sample Saturday because why not?

When Oj Simpson walks in… you need to snap a shot with the dude ?. Cheese!!!! #ojsimpson #worklife #juice

A post shared by Ashley Sabugo (@smash_ley43) on Nov 25, 2017 at 11:40am PST

Not that we’re really surprised by this development, because everyone needs a Costco run, but at 2:40 in the afternoon on a Saturday? In Vegas? The Juice is loose, apparently in the food aisle on Costco on the day where you can eat a full meal because they’re giving out free samples.

And based on the picture, it seems that most Costco employees were excited to see him and give him those free samples of… whatever Costco gives out free samples for (cheese?)

We also shouldn’t be surprised, because Juice has been a Costco fan even before he was released from prison:

Everyone needs a Costco run, apparently.

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