The Cleveland Browns are 0-9 and are looking less and likely every week to get a win. Everyone is now taking their potshots at Hue Jackson and the Browns amazing ineptitude, including the weather team at Cleveland’s NBC 3.

Gotta tweet through it guys, there could be lake effect snow on the horizon. Weather forecasting is a notoriously difficult science, but is it more difficult than telling your QB to not call a QB sneak from the two-yard line with 10 seconds left in the half and no timeouts? In Cleveland, that’s somehow a question worth asking. When the Browns haven’t won on a Sunday in 701 days (their only win last year came on Christmas Eve, a Saturday), maybe this is what happens to the straightest shooters.

Naturally, the weather team said their Twitter account was hacked (of course), which forced them to lock their Twitter account.

What station’s weather team would lock their Twitter account? Only one in Cleveland who was “hacked” and took shots at Hue Jackson. Although maybe the hacking story has more salt when things like this happen:

Only in Cleveland.

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