The Bills may have been destroyed by the Saints 47-10 on the field Sunday, but there’s no doubt the Bills win where it matters: in the parking lot. The best part of Bills games in Orchard Park are the tailgating happenings, and here is our roundup of what went down in the games before the game on Sunday:

Let’s be honest with ourselves, New Era Field staff: telling Bills fans not to do something is going to make them do it.

Respect the lot #Hammers #Billsmafia?

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Bills fans were clearly disrespecting the lot quite a bit, take a look at this evidence.

Hey, they said no table slamming, not RKO’ing a Saints fan to destroy said table. That makes it totally fine.

Maybe the table read the sign that said no table slamming so it decided to put up a better fight. But Bills fans are a persistent lot, as we know.

And the aforementioned sign also didn’t prevent fans from the other team from destroying tables, so this is quite clever. Maybe he’s actually a Bills fan in disguise.

#billsmafia @barstoolsports @doit4state @5thyear

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The temperature in Buffalo yesterday was 42 so that beer wasn’t frozen. That fan’s forehead is probably grateful, though I don’t think frozen beer would have prevented him from trying to smash it anyway.

Trust falls are a new one, and among Bills fans, there has to be plenty of trust after the years of suffering they’ve gone through.

And naturally, this montage of amazing Bills fans shenanigans wouldn’t be complete without this gem:

The Bills may have lost by 37, but their fans are undefeated.

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