The Bills Mafia are almost undisputed champions of tailgating, and their antics have been well documented everywhere on the internet. Last week, a Bills fan jumped through a table on fire, which would be insane for everyone else in the world, but another Sunday in Orchard Park parking lots.

But this weekend was Halloween weekend and the Oakland Raiders were in town, so that must mean the bar is going to be raised even higher. Thankfully, it has, and we have documentation of it.

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Come on Bills fans, you can do better than that. By your standards, that seems relatively sane.


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Alright, that’s a little bit weirder, but hey, it’s Halloween’s so everyone is wearing pumpkins on their head while jumping off of port-a-potties.

#barstoolsports #billsmafia

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Giving the people’s elbow to an unsuspecting table, I like it.

Me, Pinto Ron, and Groot looking towards a bright future with the bills in the playoffs #billsmafia

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I’d love to hear about what happened here.

But the winner for best Bills fan of the day didn’t even come from any insane tailgating:

This is fucking awesome #GOBILLS #billsmafia

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Imagine what happens if/when the Bills host another playoff game.

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