Clay Helton loves football. In fact, the USC head coach is such a football guy, he breaths and sleep it – the last part being literally true.

In a feature from Pete Thamel of Yahoo Sports, Helton is labeled the “lowest-profile high-profile coach.” Despite living 30 miles away from USC campus, Helton opts to sleep at USC Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Because of Football.

Dinners at Tao? Spotted by TMZ at The Nice Guy? Not Clay Helton, the country’s lowest-profile high-profile coach. The Heltons live nearly 30 miles away from campus in Rancho Palos Verdes, as opposed to bustling Manhattan Beach where many of his coaching colleagues reside, because “it’s quieter.” He sleeps in the office every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and returns home on Thursday for “Date Night” with his wife, Angela. 

I mean, good for him?

Helton loves football and as long as his family is supportive of him being away three days of the week, it’s hard to really make fun of him for it. Although, it’s a tad bit concerning Helton works so hard that he sleeps at the building he works at. Isn’t there labor laws against that? Even if Helton is a willing participant?

Congrats are in order to Helton. You are the footballiest football coach to ever football.

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