One of the weirdest storylines leading up to the Conor McGregor-Floyd Mayweather fight was the fact that Mayweather and pop superstar Justin Bieber had a falling out.

Bieber had walked Mayweather to the ring for the last couple of super fights and it seemed like it would happen again. Before the fight though, Bieber had unfollowed Mayweather on Instagram. This caused Mayweather to lose his cool and reportedly caused a rift between the two sides.

Mayweather even at one point referred to Bieber as a “traitor.” Which is a crazy sentence to say aloud considering this is a friendship and not a pact that has been ratified by the United Nations. Nonetheless, the two were at odds but now Bieber is speaking to TMZ and letting people know that there isn’t a beef between the two.

“We just need to create boundaries,” said Bieber. What a sentence. This friendship is so incredibly odd and this just takes it to the next level.

What in the heck is he talking about? Why is this being talked about via the media? Why doesn’t he just try to actually talk to Mayweather and resolve this? That would be way too simple and it wouldn’t create this media bonanza. Now we wait patiently to see if Bieber ever follows Mayweather back.

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