Cue the Jim Ross commentary.

For a while now, professional wrestlers have been breaking out as stars in films and television. From The Rock making countless blockbusters and big paychecks, to Hulk Hogan being a little racist in a sex tape no one wanted to see, WWE’s most talented stars that there is way more to them than just hulking muscles.

John Cena is no exception to this, as he went full heel mode to rip up athletes in his ESPYs opening monologue. Big Match John, as he known in some circles, took time to verbally slam everyone from Kevin Love (who probably loves that damn championship belt) to the new Los Angeles Rams, who “…are in Los Angeles, not the ESPYs; this show is for winners,” as he put it. It’s the biggest heel moment of John’s career, one that didn’t involve purple and orange wrist bands and any sense of never giving up.

It’s a pretty great moment, one that might make even the most jaded wrestling fan like him, and others to say “hey Amy Schumer’s other boyfriend is pretty charming.” For more of our favorite ESPY moments, look no further than the deck below.