NASCAR fans saw one of the most terrifying crashes in the sport’s history on Sunday night but somehow every driver and fan walked away relatively unscathed. During the final lap of the Coke Zero 400 at Daytona, Austin Dillon’s car went airborne, with many fearing the youngster was seriously injured. However, the crash that destroyed a portion of the protective barrier proved to be a lucky moment in his life, with Dillon telling reporters that this cannot happen.

It’s not really acceptable, I don’t think. We’ve got to figure out something. Our speeds are too high, I think. I think everybody could get good racing with slower speeds. We can work at that, and then figure out a way to keep the cars on the ground. That’s the next thing. We’re fighting hard to make the racing good. I hope the fans appreciate that. We don’t, but it’s our job. You go out there and hold it wide open to the end and hope you make it through.

Worst wreck I’ve ever seen in my life. #NASCAR #CoCaColaZero400 #cokezero400 @disupdates

A video posted by Dylan Whitlock (@dylan27w) on Jul 5, 2015 at 11:50pm PDT

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